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Keratin Lash Lift: What You Need to Know

Keratin Lash Lift: What You Need to Know

karetin lash lift


With the eye being such a delicate place, a lash lift could be the best thing yet to enhance the beauty of it, but finding somebody who is licensed to use the lashes is a must.

The effect of this Lash Lift is attained by a silicon rod covered in a Keratin Formula. Keratin works as a base to fresh hair full of protein into the strands, and it works to ravel and strengthens the lashes while giving a temporary shape.

At 45 minutes to an hour, the service needs a lot less time than eyelash extensions, which generally take two or more hours.

Why Women Need It?

Lash Lifts are ending up being progressively popular with women, particularly because of low maintenance and also because of the prime season of Occasions, Special Celebrations, and Wedding Events. These Keratin Lash Lifts are perfect for giving the extra special factor for the desired look, and this is quickly replacing the extensions and stacking up multiple layers of mascara.

For the customer (ideally a woman) who wants a natural “woke up like this” look, the service alone is best. If you’re looking for drama or the very same type of surface you’d get from layers of mascara, it might not be enough for you. In many cases, lifting does not produce the mascara result that extensions do, particularly for those with naturally really great and light lashes.

Particular lash lifts also work terrific as a pre-service to extensions if you’re trying to find a fuller, more remarkable appearance. The lifting treatment can be done a number of weeks before the extension application for included lift and volume, which will also minimize the contrast of the natural lashes versus the extensions. Here are some useful benefits of Keratin Lash Lifts to women:

  • No need to grab those eyelash curlers.
  • Makes the early morning regular quicker.
  • The eyes will appear younger and open.
  • Low upkeep.
  • Very little aftercare needed.

Just how much does a keratin lash lift cost?

It depends, but in major places, the starting cost is $175 and can go up. One needs to study before the visit, and being clear about what you’re searching for by discussing designs used, showing photos and going over issues or needs.

Aftercare of Keratin Lash Lift

The very first 24 hr after the treatment is vital as the lashes will still be set. Avoid using mascara, swimming, using water straight to the eyes, withstand choosing a sauna, or into a steam bath.

Many people get up the next day with the curl being much more extreme than it was directly after the treatment, which is terrific to hear. The appeal of having lashes that stay curled can be done by using a lot less mascara.

As it gets more to the 6 – 8-week mark, one can find that the lashes will start to unwind, which is when one can wish to start considering getting scheduled back in once again.

Call me at 954-654-3742 so you can “wake up, made up”.

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