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Like it or not, human societies place a great deal of emphasis on a person’s appearance. This has been true since human beings first developed the ability to see each other. Due to this fact, people have developed a number of different products and procedures that help enhance their physical appearance.

One such procedure is microblading. What is this procedure? What is it designed to enhance? Why would anyone want such a thing? If you’re seeking the answers to these questions, then just keep reading!

What Is Microblading?

microbladingThis procedure is designed to enhance the eyebrows. More specifically, it’s designed to fill out eyebrows that have become thin for one reason or another. Eyebrow hair can fall out for a number of different reasons. Sometimes it’s simply age. Other times it’s because of some type of damage to the skin or the follicle.

Whatever the reason, some people have trouble with thin eyebrows. The normal answer to this problem is the use of eyebrow pencils. You simply draw in color, which makes it look as though your eyebrows have more hair than they do.

Permanent Makeup

This is tedious since it must be done every day. It takes time, and what’s more, it forces you to spend money on makeup. This is why permanent makeup has been invented. To help rid yourself of these problems!

So what is microblading? A type of permanent makeup. As you might have guessed from the name, it involves a small bit of cutting. A trained professional cuts tiny incisions in the skin under your eyebrows. Once cut, they insert colored pigments that match the colors of your eyebrows.

If it sounds painful, don’t worry. When done by a trained professional there’s almost no pain at all. Not only that, but the healing times tend to be rather short. Most people are up and about within a few weeks.

3D Eyebrow Microblading with shadingEyebrow Microblading before and after

Does It Need To Be Replaced?

Permanent makeup isn’t entirely permanent, it’s true. Much like any tattoo, it can fade over time. The reasons for the fade are numerous. Over time your skin cells die and your body sheds them. Many of those skin cells contain pigment, and so the pigment goes with them.

However, the procedure won’t need to be re-done for several years at least. In addition, even when the pigment starts to fade and blur many people find their eyebrows to still appear full.

Don’t Go Cheap!

Whatever you do, don’t go to a bargain makeup artist. Everyone loves to save money, and it can be tempting to get the lower price. However, lower prices often mean lower quality tools and artists with less experience.

The last thing you want is an inexperienced artist using sub-par tools to cut open your skin and insert pigment. So when you’re considering where to get your eyebrows done, make sure you’re going somewhere reputable.

At the end of the day, not everyone needs microblading.  However, many people find that their eyebrows just don’t look the way they’d like. If that describes you, then this procedure could be the solution.

For an evaluation on how I can help you, give me a call at  941-779-7541. Or, you can always message me in Instagram or on FaceBook.

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